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Atex Telephones - Intrinsically Safe Telephone Specialists

iSafe Innovation 2, Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Atex Smartphone, Isafe Innovation 1 iSafe IS 740, Atex Smartphone Zone 2/22 iSafe IS730 iSafe Executive 2, Atex smartphone iSafe Executive 1, Ex Smartphone iSafe Orbit, Atex Bluetooth Headset iSafe Guardian Ex Mobile Phone iSafe 320 Atex Phone iSafe IS310 iSafe Advatage 1 iSafe Challenger 2 Atex Global Ltd supply a range of Atex Telephones for use within Ex areas, oil rigs, the petrochemical industry and any Ex hazardous areas. Analogue and IP Atex Telephones with various options to suit your specific safety requirements

FHF Ferntel

FernTel 3 Analog Telephone
Analog telefon Atex Certified

FernTel IP VoIP Atex Telephone

VoIP Telephone - Atex Certified


Analogue & IP telephones for use in Ex areas with explosive atmospheres in Zone 2, 22

Funke Huster Furnzig Ferntel 3 Ferntel IP


FHF Ex Resistel

The Ex ResisTel Intrinsically Safe Industrial Telephone is ideal for use on Oil Rigs and Petrochemical Hazardous Environments.

FHF Ex ResisTel Atex Telephone

ExResisTel is available with or without keypad

FHF Ex ResisTel MB

The Ex Resistel MB has 3 x Memory Buttons

FHF Ex ResisTel IP2

Explosion proof voIP Telephone for Zone 1
Funke Huster Fernsig
Ex ResisTel Atex Telephone

Howl Call Telephone

Sound Powered Atex Certified Phone

Funke Huster Fernsig

  • Telephony without power
  • Protection degree IP54
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Designed for rough conditions

Howl Call Telephone - Sound Powered


Auteldac 4 - Atex Certified Telephone

Ex Telephone for use in Atex Zone 2 explosive atmospheres

The Auteldac 4 (A4) telephone has secured ATEX approval to provide a tough, weather resistant unit built to withstand arduous industrial atmospheres and environmental extremes.gai-tronics auteldac 4
Auteldac 4

funktel FS4 Ex - Dect Handsets

Explosion Proof, Atex Certified Handsets
  • TFT colour display: 16 bit / 65,536 colours, with shockproof, scratch-resistant screen
  • Illuminated keys, abrasion-resistant, with colour hotkeys for direct access to the icon-based menu control
  • 20 MIDI ringtones, melody and volume can be set separately for internal and external calls, suitable for loud environments
  • Loudspeaker for intelligible hands-free operation
  • Diversity DECT antenna with improved reception quality
  • Replaceable lithium-ion battery, 650 mAh, modern battery management with exact charge level indicator
  • Local phone-book: 500 entries with name, two phone numbers and three lines for information details
  • Real-time clock and calendar with alarm function
  • All user entries are stored on an easily replaceable memory card (SIM card)

funktel FC4 Ex Certified Dect Handset

Kirk 4080 Cordless Handset

Durable, Robust, and Feature-rich HandsetsPolycom Kirk 4080

The Polycom kirk 4080 is packed with features, it is IP64 classified as well as ATEX and IEC approved according to European and international standards. The KIRK 4080 is the ultimate handset for potentially explosive working environments such as gas and oil, and dust-filled working environments such as the wood-processing industry..
Kirk 4080

Telephone Acoustic Hood

allows easy installation of equipment such as intercom stations, telephones, sounders, flashing beacons etc.

Acoustel LB23 Acoustic Hood is designed to accommodate a wide range of telephony and communication equipment. Construction is rot proof fire resistant GRP with specialist composite, incorporated into the back plane of the booth and additional com.
Acoustel telephone booth
Acoustic Hood, Telephone Booth

Federal Signal FT400BX

Explosion Proof Telephone
The Federal Signal model FT400BX has been developed for operation in the petro-chemical industry, on off-shore plants, in mills and harbours. It is resistant to large temperature differences, air humidity, sea water, dust and strong mechanical wear and tear. It is certified for use in hazardous dust and gas atmospheres.
Federal Signal FT400BX

Atex Certified Intercom System

Explosion Proof Intercom
Designed and manufactured to be installed in outdoor potentially explosive and fire risk environments, with loud background noises, allowingcommunication & anouncements through loudspeakers

Gas IIC, zone 1 and zone 2 with power amp for atex loudspeakers and additional button to connect with the Control Room .

Atex Intercom