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Atex Certified Intercom System

This Intercom system allows communication in harsh and hazardous environments, characterized by loud background noises, atmospheric corrosion, chemical agents and explosive gases.

The system is composed of two or more devices in parallel connection, each device can feed two loudspeakers and contain all the required circuits to operate independently, as well as the communication control unit that, in case of damage, won't leave the entire system out of service.

Another important advantage of our solution is that it has no limits in terms of extention: in other words it is always possible to add further loudspeakers or communication devices by including a simple cable.

Explosion Proof Intercom

The communication is spread in two different and indipendent ways:-

1 - One or more Call Lines through the loudspeakers(Page)
The Call Lines are used to spread announcements and instructions, through a network of atex loudspeakers, or simply to detect a person who is working somewhere in the plant. On the Call Line it is also possible to connect equipment for the generation of acoustic tones and digital pre-recorded messages which can be operated from the control room or auxiliary systems.

2 - One or more Conversation Lines with loudspeakers (Party)
The Conversation Lines are used to communicate, through a handset, without any interference from the Call Lines.

The Single line system is very simple: Lift any handset, push the call button (select line in multiline system) and make announcements through the loudspeakers, requesting specific personel to respond by finding and lifting the closest handset allowing connection with the person who first start the call. (multiline system has flashing led next to live call line) In any case the loudspeakers won't broadcast the conversation even though other person can join in.

During a call a dedicated device will exclude the loudspeakers, to avoid the Larsen effect.

Please contact us for our range of explosion proof loudspeakers

745 IIC Explosion Proof Intercom Station

Gas IIC, zone 1 and zone 2 with power amp for loudspeakers

745 305 IIC Intercom with Push Buttons

Gas IIC, zone 1 and zone 2 with power amp for loudspeakers and additional button
to connect with the Control Room .

746 305 IIC Intercom with external direct call button

The device also allows public announcement through loudspeakers.