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Ferntel IP - VoIP Atex Telephone

VoIP desk/wall telephone for use in explosive atmospheres - Atex Zone 2

It’s housing is made of impact resistant and shockproof Polycarbonate and approved for Zone 2 according ATEX.

II 3 G Ex nA L IIC T5

  • Protection degree IP 65 EN 60529
  • Ambient temperature-20°C to +55°C
  • Call tone ≥95 dB(A), 1 m
  • Atex Certified II 3 G Ex nA L IIC T5
  • Pixel-based, illuminated LCD Display
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Intelligent & user-friendly menu structure
  • Standard protocol SIP and H.323
  • Power supply Power over Ethernet
  • 1x Ethernet: RJ-45, 10/100-BASE-TX

    The FernTel IP / Zone 2 makes possible
    effective working with high comfort.
    The illuminated keypad and display finish
    the comfort. The standardized features
    according to H.450 are supported.

    FernTel IP offers quality high-grade features according to industrial standards instead of proprietary solutions.

    The new FernTel IP is the ideal
    telephone for many different work areas
    in Zone 2.

Funke Huster Fernsig

FernTel IP voIP telephone
The Ferntel IP is available in
Red, Yellow, Grey and Black.


Ferntel 3 Zone 2 Display Option Item No.
Our Price
Spiral Cord German
112 411 2...
Spiral Cord English
112 411 2...99
Armoured Cord German
112 431 2...
Armoured Cord English
112 431 2...99
Stabiliser Bracket -
112 390 00

FernTel IP Specifications
with stainless steel plate
Housing Dimensions
h x w x d 293 x 191 x 128 mm
approx. 2.4 kg
Protection Degree
Acc. to IEC60529 IP 65
Power Supply
Power over LAN (IEEE 802.3af)
Connection Plugs
1x Ethernet: RJ-45, 10/100-BASE-TX auto negotiation
Ringing Volume
approx. 95 dB(A) at 1 m distance
128 x 64 Pixel
Temperature Range
Ex Class
II 3 G Ex nAn L II C T5
SIP, H.323
total H.323 version 4 incl. H.225, H.235, H.245
and RAS Gatekeeper routed Signalling, H.450 Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP) RTP Real Time Protocol
RTCP Real Time Control Protocol – first level of Quality of Service
RAS Protocol Support for External Gatekeeper
DTMF H.245 Alphanumeric or Signal Type
Additional VoIP Features H.245 Fast Connect En-block dialling Overlapped Sending
Security Password Protected Administration
Encoded Password Authorization acc. to H.235
Quality Service Priority of IP-Packages acc. to TOS and DiffServ,
VLAN Priority acc. to IEEE 802.1p / 802.1q
Voice Encoding G.711 A-law / μ-law (64 kbps), G.723.1 (5.3 kbps),
G.729A (16kbps)
Echo Compensation G.168
Access via HTML Web-Browser
Password protected authentication
Trouble Shooting Log- and Trace-Files, State Display of Interfaces and
Connections, Ping Connection Test sending of SNMP
Traps over Internet Protocol
Update Configuration recording/reading,
Boot code and firmware update via HTML upload,
Automatic update via Update-Server
DSL Access PPPoE Protocol
VPN Tunnelling with PPTP Encoding via MPPE
NAT Network Address Translation – for Transformation of official IP Addresses into private IP Addresses and vice versa
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol –
IP interfaces settings
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol – for Ping tests
Dial Tone Generation Automatic Dial tone Generation European and US Standard
Call Transfer Call Transfer with/without consultation call
Call Diversion Call Diversion Unconditional, Busy, No Reply

Call Hold / Retrieve

Call Hold / Retrieve
Call Waiting Call Waiting inclusive Signalling of second Call Information
Calling Name ID Name Display
3 Party Conference 3 Party Conference of internal and/or external Subscriber
Calling Number ID Display of Calling Number
Multiple Registrations Up to 6 Registrations
Telephone book Local, Integration of an External Database
Time / Date Exact Time and Date Information via Time Server