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Howl Call Telephones / Sound Powered Telephons

Intrinsicaly safe sound powered telephone systems for use in areas with explosive atmospheres
  • Telephony without power supply
  • Protection degree IP54
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Designed for rough conditions

If you want or need to telephone in areas where this is normally not possible, you need a sound-powered telephone system.

Sound powered telephones are ideal for communications whenever there is no power supply available, e.g. at blast furnaces, in tunnelling or mining, or offshore on oilrigs or high-seasteamers, and provides a direct connection to the switchboard, base, bridge or colleagues on the surface. or wherever.

This surprisingly easy, but effective method is already used widely to call for material, report faults or save lives.

The howl-call telephone is a sound powered phone with highly efficient dynamic transmitter and receiver capsules offering communication without power supply. The call signal is generated by turning the rotary knob with an audio frequency dynamo.

All telephones are equipped with an extremely sturdy, impact resistant and weatherproof housing and have successfully proven their worth in years of operation in mining, tunnelling, on building sites and inindustrial operations. Their range is approximately 10km

FHF Howl Call Telephone
Howl call Telephone
Sound powered telephone in use .

Atex Certified
II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6 / I M1 Ex ia l

Sound Powered Phone Version Connection to
Our Price
FHF 5069 Howl Call without snap-in plug
FHF 5069 Howl Call with snap-in plug
coupling / wall socket
FHF 5069 Howl Call with prick pincers
flat-band cable
FHF 5220 Howl Call without amplifier
fixed or movable cable

Howl Call Telephone Accessories
Our Price
FHF 5555
Snap-in plug, high impact resistant plastic
FHF 5554
Coupling socket, high impact resistant plastic
FHF 5564
Wall socket, plastic
FHF 5077
Prick Pincers, stainless steel sheet, with 1 m cable
Flat band cable, two core, tensile strength approx 500N (lengths on request)