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Ex Certified Intercom - Zone 1 & 2

Ex d IIC Intercom System, wall-mounted, outdoor, monoline with external direct call buttons

The “Series 746-305-IIC” Intercom system is designed and manufactured to be installed in outdoor potentially explosive and fire risk environments, with loud background noises. The device allows public announcement through loudspeakers.

An additional system can be used and, if connected, it allows to silence its loudspeaker during the call, avoiding the disturbances caused by the Larsen effect.

As a whole, the components of the 746-305-IIC series are suitable for the ATEX Gas Group IIC, zone 1 and zone 2 industrial installations.
Atex Intercom Station

The equipment is delivered already mounted on a metal frame and is provided, in the standard version, cable glands for non-armored cable.

The 746-305-IIC series is composed of:

valtronics intercom 48104 mod. 48104
contains the handset microphone, the security protection and all the circuit for the plug in/out of all the lines . It is classified II 2G Ex and mb [ib] IIC T5 Gb / II 2D Ex tb [ib] IIIC T100C Db
ATex Intercom Buttons mod. 305-IIC
These external buttons allow to choose the line to call through the network of loudspeakers or the additional call to control room. Buttons are classified as (Ex II 2GD) Ex ed IIC T5.
Atex Certified Intercom System mod. 41177
electronic circuit board contains the supply and the pre-amplifier for the signal processing connected to the handset and the power amplifier for the external loudspeakers. Can be supplied with 110/220Vac 50-60Hz or directly with 48Vdc from a centralized power source.
Ex Intercom Enclosure mod. 749-IIC
enclosure, in pressed alumnium, contains the main electronic circuit board. It is classified as (Ex II 2GD) Ex d IIC T6/T5 Gb.